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gregorykennedy's Journal


Attention LJ users with fake mustaches, please friends me.

I was born in Hollis Queens, the home of RUN DMC. My mom was a Hippy and my dad was Beatnik. They didn't let me watch TV, eat fast food, or play with toy guns. My mom moved me and my brother to Vermont where we played in the deep snow and both attended a traveling school for middle school. When I was 14, I moved back to Manhattan to live with dad and attend an art high school in New York City. It sounds cool, but me and my friends got beat up and robbed all the time by some seriously tough kids across the street at Martin Luther King Jr High School.

I somehow talked my way into an apprenticeship with a graphic design studio at age 19. Where we designed book covers for Penguin and Random House Books. I still sometimes see the covers that I did for Kafka's The Castle in some book stores, I guess it doesn't sell well.

The Internet came along in the lat 90's and I was fascinated by it. Created a number of websites and was quickly working as a web designer for well known clients in New York. I finally took the leap and moved to the Bay Area four years. It really took some getting used to, but now I love.